Hospitalization Plan

Cash When You Need It A slip, fall, injury or sickness can happen anytime. And it can be costly. If you or a family member is injured or sick Hospitalization plan provides cash benefits you can use to help cover medical and non-medical expenses that arise. Accidents and illnesses are unavoidable. But you can help make it a little easier for your family. How the Hospital Essentials Accident and Sickness Plans work for you: Pays cash directly to you to help pay added expenses when you suffer an accident or sickness. Pays you for a minimum of 10 days after you are hospitalized to help with items such as loss of income whether or not you are disabled. Pays you starting the very first day of your accident or sickness. Guaranteed renewable until age 85 Gives you peace of mind The power of Combined Insurance Also,Your policy will never be cancelled due to the number of claims you file. Get a quote – Hospital Essentials Accident and Sickness Plans, Put our sales representatives to work for you.

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